Greetings From The Simpsons

Dear family and friends,

Here we are, 1 week before Christmas Day 2016!

I have just celebrated my birthday last week I can confidently say that at this moment I am older than I’ve ever been but I am also younger than I’ll ever be again, (kind of a glass half-full approach to aging).     

Which is the perfect segue to the news I’d like to share with you all.

2017 will be my 25th year in full-time ministry, most of that as a traveling ministry, bouncing about the globe like a satellite signal.

This year has been an interesting one in that the work I have always found such joy and fulfillment in, and which has continued to be abundantly fruitful, has become increasingly difficult for me.  Difficult for reasons I couldn’t put my finger on until I realized (after a recent season of prayer and fasting) that the grace was lifting off me for itinerant ministry.

Quite simply I felt the Lord tell me to stop.  As a woman who has done nothing but go, go, go for Jesus for 25 years, it wasn’t the direction I was expecting.

After sharing this with Damien, and receiving numerous confirmations, we have decided to take this huge step of faith together, starting now.

I’m not retiring, but I do see it as the end of an era, rather than just the closing of a chapter.

I will be taking a 3-month long Sabbatical over January, February, March to rest, recharge and re-invent and will resurface in time for Presence Conference.

Whilst I am still seeing “through a glass darkly”, I feel that my future ministry has to be about leaving a prophetic legacy and the equipping and training of up-and-coming ministries.

We will still be a part of the church family at C3 Oxford Falls and already have plans for a 4-week Prophetic intensive at C3 College in June/July 2017.

She’s The Voice is still very much in my heart and has huge potential for growth, particularly in the area of on-line training and mentoring.

Heart 4 Europe also remains on my radar but I’m hoping there will be opportunity to make these trips with Damien in the future rather than by myself.  In 2016 alone we have spent approximately 180 days apart and that has been pretty much the norm for 11 years of married life. 

Having said all this, it’s not the season for setting plans in concrete but for allowing a resurrection to take place, when and however He desires to.

So I want to thank all of you for your friendship, love and support, some of you extending for the entirety of my 25 years of ministry and longer. 

To my pastor buddies who have welcomed me onto their church platforms, a few of you since my early days as a Prophet on P-plates, my voice would not have been heard without you and your belief in me.

Damien and I would appreciate your prayers as we anticipate the dawning of a new year and a new era!

Love and Christmas blessings,

Vicki xx