Mamma Mia!
— Vicki Simpson

Where to begin?! Lets start at the great West of Australia where Vicki was born and bred in the fine city of Perth. She carries strong Italian roots from her Papà and a splash of Aussie from her beautiful Mamma. Vicki had big plans when she finished school, completing a Bachelor of Arts in English and tried her hand at teaching in High School.

After her first practical she realised it wasn’t her sweet spot so she decided to teach adults instead and worked in Human Resources training staff for 10 years, whilst studying for a Graduate Diploma in Business.
Cue big life change. In 1992 Vicki left Perth and moved to Brisbane on the East Coast where she attended a Ministry Training School for 5 months. Vicki was then given the opportunity to go into full time ministry and never did quite complete that Graduate Diploma (whoops!). It only took 18 months and the invitations spontaneously came rolling in requesting Vicki to preach and minister in all types of churches and denominations.

Fast forward to today, Vicki is nationally and internationally recognised as a dynamic prophet and preacher who brings breakthrough and releases faith. Vicki loves the ministry of the Holy Spirit and is committed to an expression of God’s power that is contemporary and relevant to believers and seekers. Sought after by ministers in local churches and conferences across the globe, Vicki also consults in her capacity as a prophet with church leadership teams, businesses and boards.

Vicki’s teaching gift was unleashed in 2014 when she launched her training initiative ‘She’s the Voice’, which encourages and equips women of all ages to deliver their message with boldness and confidence. The Italian passion in Vicki is expressed in her love for Europe and regularly travels there to minister. She’s coined the phrase ‘Heart 4 Europe’ and ministers throughout the land under this banner.
And finally, Vicki and her husband Damien (AKA Speedy Simpson – he’s a long distance runner & architect) live on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia and is an ordained minister of the C3 Movement. They both call C3 Oxford Falls their home under the leadership of their Senior Pastors, Phil & Chris Pringle.