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Clarity Session

What is it?
A clarity coaching session is an online, 1 hour, one on one personal session with me, Vicki Simpson.

The objective is clarity that will bring breakthrough.
We start by chatting about the area you’re needing clarity in; you may be stuck in some way or perhaps you’ve hit the proverbial brick wall, or maybe it’s much more complex than that.

Whatever the need, I have witnessed countless times that revelation can come through conversation.

My prayer is that a clarity coaching session will produce at least one “ah-ha/lightbulb/the penny just dropped” moment, but make sure you're prepared for anything from an awakening to 'a rude awakening'.

If you'd like to know a bit more about how it works go to FAQs

1:1 Clarity Sessions are $227 AUD

If you wish to cancel your session at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled booking time, you are eligible for a full refund or you can reschedule your session by emailing me at
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