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Receive the clarity you need to take your next step 

in a 1:1 session.


Navigating through changes, transitions, and tough times is already a handful without adding in the mental confusion that can come with it.

Most often, all it takes is that one 'aha' moment to clear the mental fog.
In my 30+ years of being in full time Christian ministry, I've seen time and time again that these revelations come through conversation.

In my 1:1 zoom sessions I help guide you to your penny drop moment so you can clear the fog and take your next step forward.

"Put more faith in God's ability to speak than your inability to hear."

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Vicki Simpson


1:1 Clarity Session
A clarity coaching session is an online, one hour, one on one personal session with me, Vicki Simpson. The objective is clarity that will bring breakthrough.

Whatever the need, I have witnessed countless times that revelation can come through conversation.

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1:1 Mentoring Session
A mentoring session is an online, one on one personal session with me, Vicki Simpson. The objective is coaching and development for those in ministry.

It is an opportunity for anyone in ministry, leadership or in training for ministry, to receive personalised equipping for their calling.

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For other pathways where I can serve you, your church or your organisation...
I'm Vicki Simpson
An Aussie-Italian prophet, coach and consultant from the west coast of Australia!

In my 30+ years of full time Christian ministry, I have travelled all over the globe helping individuals and churches across multiple denominations navigate change, transition and challenging seasons in order to enter the "new era" that God has for them.
From this, plus my own journey of navigating ministry as a woman, I bring a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to both my 1:1 clients and the churches/organisations I consult.

So, whether you're an individual longing to move forward or a church/organisation considering the future, I'd love to partner with you.

Be encouraged


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"Don't shine at half strength."

Vicki Simpson

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