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Greetings and welcome to my first blog post of 2014!

If you hadn’t noticed, we’re almost half way through the year so you could be forgiven for thinking “why the heck has she taken so long?’

So, even if you’re not thinking that I’m going to tell you why anyway.


I managed to produce a weekly blog post for just over a year…then the wheels fell off.

Well, more like they were removed, aligned and rebalanced.

You see, blogging was taking up soooo much of my time. I was living, breathing and eating blogs (spaghetti “blogenese” anyone?)

My husband nearly died of shock one day when I had an idea for a new sermon, (for those of you who aren’t aware, this chick is a preacher).  Apparently all I ever talked about was my blog…blog this, blog that and blog the rest.

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What I Learned From Kanye West

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I try to live life with my spiritual antenna up.  A girl just never knows when a divine download will come.  I find God speaking to me through all kinds of people and situations.

Today I’d like to pass on a life lesson I call – “What I Learned From Kanye West”.

For those of you who aren’t into or up with popular music, Kanye – (pronounce kun-yay) – is the name of an African-American rap-star, (not a Thai curry).

However, he is probably as famous, (or infamous,) for what he’s done wrong as he is for his musical ability.  Take the MTV Music Video Awards in 2009 for example.

Country music star Taylor Swift had just won “Best Female Music Video of the Year” award. As she began her acceptance speech, Kanye stormed the stage and grabbed the microphone off her.  He then declared, to the stunned audience, that Beyonce’, (bee-yon-say), should have won the award for her video, Single Ladies.

With all due respect to Kanye West, it was not his finest hour.  Even President Obama weighed in on the controversy and called him a jackass.

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Why I find it so hard to sit

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Sitting. How hard can it be?  It’s not exactly an Olympic sport, is it?

You’d think that sitting would be the easiest thing in the world to do.

Well, if that is the case, then why do I find it so hard?

Many of you know that last year a virus hit me for six and laid me out for a few months. I was stuck in bed for most of that time and walking was a very slow and painful exercise.

Just to give you a point of reference, it took me 3 months to get the “heel-toe” action back.  Until then it was flat-footed shuffling and no, that is not the name of the latest dance craze.

I was a few weeks into my journey of neurological repair when I had a “God moment”.

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Why I Believe In Divine Connections

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Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you’ve known that person all your life?  The spiritual sparks have flown and you got on like a house on fire?

Or maybe at that first place of meeting you thought, “Hmmm…there’s something to this”, but you weren’t sure exactly what that “something” was?

I remember the first time I met Damien, (my husband).  He was sitting next to me at Sunday lunch after I had ministered at the church his parents pastored.

All I can say is I liked the feel of him sitting beside me, (spiritually speaking of course).  He just felt like he belonged there.

I knew very little about Damien and we didn’t even talk much that day, but I just felt a connection.  (O.K….the fact that he was a classy, good-looking dude didn’t hurt either).

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Inspiration and what to do when you don’t have any.

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This week’s heavenly idea has given me hell!

To quote Alanis Morrisette, “Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think?”

Usually this is how I roll.

As soon as I’ve pushed the send button on one blog-post, (usually Thursday or Friday), I’m thinking about the next.  By Monday, Tuesday latest, I’ve got it!

Sometimes it whispers, other times it shouts, but however it comes, I haven’t been without something to give.

Let’s face it, this girl is rarely lost for words and I haven’t had any problems producing the last 45 blog-posts.

This week, however,  I hit the wall, got writer’s block, became creatively constipated, whatever you want to call it…it happened and I don’t like it.

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