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Vicki Simpson standing infront of a wall

I help you receive the clarity you need for your next step.

Vicki Simpson sitting in a Cafe

Ciao, I'm Vicki Simpson!

Prophet, coach & consultant

I'm glad you're here!


I can help you navigate change, transition and challenging seasons in order to enter the "new era" that God has for you

I have proven that revelation can come through conversation


My clarity and mentoring sessions consist of a spirit lead conversation where I help you receive the clarity and/or guidance you need for your next step.

I have been in full time ministry for over 30 years, ministering globally and across multiple denominations and generations. As a result I bring a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to each situation.

You may be an individual longing to move forward or an organisation considering the future. Please reach out if you need to know more about how I can help you.

Book a 1:1 session

To know more about the above mentioned options and other pathways in which I could help serve you, your church or your organisation, click below.

be encouraged

“Put more faith in God’s ability to speak
than in your inability to hear.”

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